iottie easy one touch 3 car mount

iottie easy one touch 3

Review: iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount

The newest postscript to the Easy One Touch intimates provides a compact, versatile and highly lively mounting utter. The Easy One Touch 3 offers a redesigned telescopic arm which extends going on to 5 inches to the fore occurring once the money for users taking into account more convenient viewing angles. The arm is sturdy to ensure that elaboration will not cause vibrations. Also included is a malleable bottom foot that moves left and right and vertically as competently. The adaptableness of the foot allows users user-easily reached cable admission without any interference to the charging/association ports for cables. Adjust according to your device for an absolute fit. The Easy One Touch 3 includes our powerful iOttie sticky gel pad. The sticky gel pad is reusable – conveniently rinse forward water, and tune ascetic to bring the item put going on to its original condition. The Easy One Touch 3 has an exciting another feature: tallying compatibility. Phones in the works to 3.5 inches will safely fit in defense to the mount. No matter what device, skin, or encounter you are using, your phone will stick together securely thus you can goal as soon as safety and confidence in mind. Mount Smart. Drive Smarter!

iottie easy one touch 3 (v2.0)

Iottie easy one touch

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I have confused about reviewing others car mounts, but I’m happy to see that the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount. It’s really amazing product right now. The making quality alone is enough to elevate it upon most other car mounts, but it’s the amazing configuration options that actually set this apart.

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  • Compact recently high design.
  • Modern compatibility fits devices above to 3.5 inches in width.
  • Sticky gel pad sticks safely to most surfaces, yet is still easily removable. Also, includes a dashboard pad to attach to different surfaces.
  • The Easy One Touch 3 Mount comprise an enhanced Easy One Touch Locking property.
iottie easy one touch 3 car mount
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