Magnetic Phone Mount

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Magnetic Phone Mount

Nowadays using a phone mount holder in cars or motorcycles is very common to people.  With the ever-growing trend, companies are making sure that their customers can choose the best suitable one for them from this verity. At the same time, we, the normal people, suffer from confusion when it comes to choosing the perfect phone mount for us.So the burning question is what we should do. Is there any best one? Well, normally it’s on one’s taste and taste varies from man to man. But if you ask my opinion I will definitely suggest you go to the Magnetic phone holder. So without making any delay, let’s have a look at a full review of the fantastic features of magnetic phone  mount:

How a Magnetic phone mount looks like:

Magnetic phone mounts have a very stylish and trendy look.Varying from company to company, you can have these magnetic phone mounts ranges from small size to the bigger ones.Moreover, they are available in different shapes (ex-round, flat, triangular). Even you can choose your favorite phone mount holder from a different variety of colors. Some of the most popular colors are black, white, yellow, silver, golden, wood color, red etc. My suggestion is to choose a relatively small one which will also contrast with the interior color and design of your car.

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Inside Mechanism:

There is a powerful magnetic plate attached to every magnetic phone mount. This magnetic is powerful enough to hold your phone with the phone holder. But for this, your phone must have a metal back case which will attract the phone holder magnet to the phone. If you don’t have a case like that, you have to stick a small metal piece on the backside of your phone. This will do the work. Don’t worry. The metal piece will be provided free with the magnetic phone mount.
Magnetic phone mount can be installed easily on your windshield, dashboard or air vent of the car. Don’t worry. It will not block your air ventilation process.

Magnetic Phone Mount Picture

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Why magnetic phone mount the best one for you?

This is a pretty common question that is asked by almost every phone mount holder user. Let’s get open. Magnetic phone mount holder has a relatively powerful magnetic energy which will hold your phone firmly. It will help you to keep your phone standstill even you are having a bumpy riding. Moreover, you can easily install it by using only one hand. For its pretty little shape and easy installation process, it can give you the best phone holder experience you ever had. Some models also provide 360-degree head rotation flexibility.

Magnetic Phone Mount Picture

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Some misconceptions about magnetic phone mount:

Sometimes a question arises “Does this magnetic phone mount do any harm to the phone?”
Hear it loud… THIS IS COMPLETELY A MISCONCEPTION.  Magnetic energy does no harm to your phone. It does not radiate any harmful energy or something like that. Whatever some people also say that the magnetic surface creates scratches on the back case. This is also a rare case. But for further safety, I suggest using a plastic back cover for your phone. And people who think the small metal piece on the back looks a bit odd to you, let me tell you that taste bud varies from person to person.

Magnetic Phone Mount
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