Volport magnetic cell phone holder

Overview of Volport Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Volport magnetic cell phone holder can safely hold Mobile phones and tablets on any plane Surface. It fits as like as other magnetic cell phone holders for car or vehicle. And it is not just used for a cell phone car mount. We can also use this magnetic cell phone car mount at the help desk or any counter as a hands-free cell phone holder and a phone stand, perfect for listening to any multimedia, You can use magnetic cell phone car mount for easily access Google map.

Volport mount
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The Magnetic car mount is utilizing the most grounded 3M sticky on its base and metal plates, which is to guarantee your mobile phones and frill security in multi-flat surfaces, including a car dashboard, kitchen, work area, room, and restroom. No, bother auto cell phone holder. The sticky of this mobile phone auto mount safely holds your gadget in an unmistakable and non-obstructive territory. Simply make a point to stick this dash cell holder to the level surface of the car dashboard.

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Volport cell phone car mount permits you to confirm your gadget at any point without obstructing your view. The attractive cell phone car mount likewise offers you hands-free calls and allow to utilize your Phone’s GPS. Never place yourself in peril while driving! The rotatable mobile dash mount has the capacity of hostile to shaking and against stunning. Immovably hold your cell phone set up even in rough streets

The effective car mount magnet and the round metal plate with this versatile holder impeccably bolster your gadget set up. Stick the mount metal plate out of your phone case or on the back of Phone. The round magnet circle of this wireless work area holder won’t meddle with movement sense, GPS, flag or interior sensors. It doesn’t hurt your gadgets or influences the battery. Simply make a point to keep the magnet far from charge cards, pacemakers, and magnet-touchy gadgets

Volport Magnetic Mount


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Attractive Features:
The base of this magnetic cell phone holder only requires an inch of flat dash to mount.
usable any car or vehicle dashboard.
Easy to pick up your phone and put down it on the car mount.
Volport car mount is accessible to all function areas on your phone while driving.
1. Select a plane Surface and clean the place with an alcohol pad, wait until dry.
2. The adhesive part at the car mount base, then sticks to select place.
3. Press it down firmly in selected place for 20 seconds. Wait for 5 hours before use!
4. Setup the mount metal plate out of your phone case or on the back of your phone, then place it onto the magnetic round disk.
Done !

Volport magnetic cell phone holder
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